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Cindy has created professional development and consulting programs that give teachers and parents insight into strengths and weaknesses of students with dyslexia as well as proven strategies that work for the unique needs to the dyslexic learner in the classroom. 


Read what others are saying about how Cindy’s professional development courses have transformed their understanding of the dyslexic learners in their classroom and given them tools to best help those students, as well as all the students in the room. 



Do you need to dig a little deeper to understand dyslexia better?  A host of resources, articles, and sites that have helped Cindy and her colleagues better understand best practices for working with dyslexic individuals are listed here.  


This six module, self-paced professional development course is designed for the classroom
This six module, self-paced professional development course is designed for the classroom

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 Professional Development About Dyslexia


“A teacher educated about dyslexia can be the one person who saves a

child and his/her family from years of frustration and anxiety. That teacher

can play a pivotal role in changing the whole culture of a school.”

~Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley


Teachers and parents want to do all they can to help the dyslexic students in their care succeed in the classroom.

Often they simply don't know what to do. 


Their dyslexic child does so well at the 1:1 Orton-Gillingham tutoring table, or with the small group Structured Literacy specialist, but that success doesn't seem to translate to the classroom setting.


Teachers and parents each need information about dyslexia and how the strengths and weaknesses of a dyslexic learner impact  learning. This knowledge can empower teachers to  to create a classroom  environment where dyslexic students thrive alongside their non-dyslexic classmates.  Parents can gain the insights they need to provide a supportive home system free of emotionally charged stress over homework and study skills. 

Cindy Hall Consulting Professional Development workshops are specifically about dyslexia and the dyslexic learner.  These workshops are informative, practical and engaging.  The goal of each workshop is to give a window of understanding into the unique characteristics of students with dyslexia, and to equip teachers teaching with strategies and tools that work in the classroom setting. A bridge can be created between the Orton-Gillingham tutoring/small group success  the mainstream classroom struggles. Cindy Hall Consulting trainings provide teachers with the invaluable knowledge to build that bridge in their classroom this year.


Click below to see which Professional Development or consulting package is best for your situation, or register for the comprehensive online course, Dyslexia Friendly Classroom.  


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