Cindy Hall is qualified and excited to work with you to build your Dyslexia Program.  


Cindy is a veteran teacher. Her 17 years in elementary grade classrooms taught her there are all kinds of learners, and that learning is a very individual process, not a one-size-fits-all proposition. 


Cindy is a passionate advocate for dyslexic learners. Since 2005, she has been teaching dyslexic students to read, spell, and write. She has been privileged to sit next to students in tutoring lessons and have witnessed firsthand the extraordinary effort put forth by students and the sweet victory when that effort is rewarded. 


Cindy is a wife, mother and grandmother. Her family is dear to her, just as yours is dear to you. They are the people who see her worst moments and choose to love her as if she were at her best. 


Cindy is a nurturer. An Iowa farm girl, she never got over the wonder of watching things grow. The miracle of dropping a dry, hard seed into soft soil, watering, and watching for the first tiny green leaves to appear never gets old to her. In a school setting, she loves to nurture those students who struggle due to dyslexia by targeting instruction, then watching for the signs they are going to grow and thrive. 


Cindy is a tinkerer and an innovator. She likes to see where schools are, and imagine where they could be in their service to dyslexic learners. She can suggest meaningful changes that will make the school world better for dyslexic students without disrupting the flow for the other people who work and learn there.    


Cindy is successful. Over the ten years of its existence, the Dyslexia Center designed, implemented and directed by her has served 128 students, and graduated 70 students out of the program, equipped with strategies and techniques they need to thrive in any setting. 


Cindy is available to help your school craft a custom program for the dyslexic students sitting in your classrooms. Visit the services tab to see which option best fits your needs.