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Cindy Is uniquely qualified to lead trainings about dyslexia and how students learn. Her first degree is in Elementary Education, post graduate work in special education and many hours of training in the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching dyslexic individuals to read and spell. 


Cindy is a veteran teacher. Her 17 years in elementary grade classrooms taught her there are all kinds of learners, and that learning is a very individual process, not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It also gave her insight into how the best classrooms are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs all the students.


Cindy is a passionate advocate for dyslexic learners. Since 2005, she has been teaching dyslexic students to read, spell, and write. She has been privileged to sit next to students in tutoring lessons, small groups and in the classroom setting. She has witnessed firsthand the extraordinary effort put forth by students and the sweet victory when that effort is rewarded. 


Cindy founded and directed a dyslexia center housed inside a large private Christian school.  The decade Cindy spent there taught her so many lessons about how dyslexic students approach classroom learning.  Working closely with classroom teachers, parents and school administrators to determine best practices resulted in an entire school that truly was dyslexia friendly.

Cindy is successful. Over her ten years as director, the Dyslexia Center designed, implemented and directed by her  served 128 students, and graduated 70 students out of the program, equipped with strategies and techniques they need to thrive in any setting. 


Cindy has developed professional development trainings for teachers and workshops for parents.  Her thoughtful insights and wealth of science based information always informs audiences about dyslexia and how to best meet the needs of the dyslexic learners in the classroom. 

The online course option is ideal for teachers who need a professional development that fits into thier busy schedules.  Visit the services tab to see which option best fits your needs. 

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