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The Christ School, Orlando, FL

A year ago I reached out to Cindy after googling dyslexia programs across the US. I was especially excited to stumble upon her program as it seemed we had similar goals to support students with dyslexia in Christian education. I randomly sent her an email and was so thankful when she kindly offered to speak with me. We spoke by phone and

emailed several times over those first months of building my program. I could not have done it without her examples of building a center to support children that need something different. I listened to what worked for her through her many years of teaching the wonderful population of children with dyslexia that needed intervention beyond

the typical classroom. Over the last year, Cindy has supported me in so many ways. She shared her wisdom from her many years of experience. She encouraged me while we were getting our program running. She is a positive mentor to so many. I highly recommend her as a resource. - Alissa Plaisance, Student Support Specialist

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Lindsay Lane Christian Academy, Athens, AL

Cindy Hall is a leader in a field that has done so much for students.  I have been involved with K-12 schools for the past 23 years and have seen different programs that seek to help children with learning difficulties.  Identifying children who have dyslexia while they are young is vital to their success.  I often refer to a light at the end of a tunnel with the Dyslexia Program at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy because I have seen the joy in students and their parents when they are utilizing the tools the program provides students.  We know that dyslexia is not something one grows out of, but the key is discovering how to excel in a world that looks a little different. I am a results driven person so I wanted to see the results in this program when I became the head of school at LLCA seven years ago.  When I witnessed the transformation that can be made in a person’s life, I encouraged Mrs. Hall to share what we have with other families and schools.  - Steve Murr, Headmaster

I have worked with Cindy Hall for several years at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy. She has grown our dyslexia program into an incredible ministry that has helped so many students. She is so dedicated to the program and wants nothing more than to help students succeed. She not only is the director of the program but I have witnessed her teaching the students and it is incredible to watch. I have personally witnessed the lives of families and students be changed because of this program and Cindy’s dedication. Cindy has a passion for these students and it shows in her commitment to the program. God has given her a gift and passion for students with dyslexia at LLCA. - Holly Hill, Business Director

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Jubilee Academy, Murfreesboro, TN

My staff and I were able to attend a video seminar with Mrs. Hall during in-service this year. What a wonderful workshop on making classrooms multi-sensory! For many of our teachers who were not familiar with teaching students with learning disabilities, Mrs. Hall was able to present them with ideas that could be easily incorporated into their classrooms. Her instructions were clear, and the hands-on examples that she provided were a bonus! I highly recommend Cindy Hall, what she adds to the staff she influences and we look forward to working with her again in the future. - Ashley Fleming, Business Administrator

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West Gate Christian School, Tampa, FL

Consulting with Cindy Hall has been life-changing for our school. Her expertise is presented simple and with such a sweet, helpful spirit. As our school began the journey to help students with dyslexia, Cindy covered everything from acquiring students to making classroom accommodations. She provided answers to questions we did not know that we had. Her teacher training seminar was fantastic. She gave helpful skills to equip teachers to recognize dyslexia and strategies to implement in the classroom right away. Consulting with Cindy Hall will provide a school with the tools to change the lives of both students and their families. - Sarah Nixon