Creating the Ideal World for a Dyslexic Student

Students with dyslexia thrive when they have a two pronged team to tackle their educational needs. The ideal team members would be an interventionist to deliver Orton-Gillingham approach tutoring AND a classroom teacher who understands dyslexia related school struggles and has the knowledge to accommodate the learning differences associated with dyslexia. 


Cindy would like to invite you to join her online course, created from six of her most popular 90 minute Dyslexia Friendly Classroom training modules. Classroom teachers will be empowered by this training to better understand the possibilities for small but indispensable changes which can make a world of difference for students with dyslexia. Registration for the Winter course is open now!

Here's what you should know about the course: 

- it is a 6-week, self-paced course with one module per week, mainly reading with some video content 

- there is a weekly zoom call with Cindy to discuss the week's topic

- the course is divided into two sections: what every teacher needs to know about dyslexia and ideas & directions for teacher created materials to support dyslexia friendly instruction

New Online Course Option

Schools may now form their own cohort to take the Dyslexia Friendly Classroom online course. 

  • Set your own completion schedule - all the modules in two days or one per month -  you decide

  • Your administrator (or a designated teacher) acts as moderator for your group

  • Lower group pricing applies for three or more teachers, and the moderator is free.  

New Endorsement as AACS Continuing Education Provider

Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Professional Development Certificates of completion now accepted as contact-hour certificates toward the certification requirements of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). 

If you would like more information, download Cindy's course outline here or contact her with any other questions you may have!

Here's what Cindy's DFS students are saying about the course:

"Week one alone did more to give me cohesive understanding of how dyslexia affects my students in second grade than all the patchwork of Googled articles I had read ever did!" - Leah

"In love with how in depth each lesson’s material is...Each 90 minute lesson is broken down into 15 - 20 short segments, so it is easy to find a place to pause the learning if life interrupts." - Stacy