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A New Adventure

I am you.” But am I Really?

When speaking to teachers at educators’ conferences across the country, Cindy

generally introduces herself at the onset of each workshop and includes the phrase, “I

am you.” By that, she intends to convey a similarity between Cindy’s classroom

teaching background of 17 years with that of the average educator sitting in audience

chairs of her workshops.

Perhaps it was the sheer number of times she heard those words come from her mouth

during the busy fall 2023 educators’ conference season, but Cindy found herself

questioning her own claim. After all, the last time Cindy headed up a classroom,

juggling the myriad of tasks demanded of a teacher was in 2007. The intervening 16

years have been dedicated to the art of teaching the dyslexic learner, and for Cindy,

that happened either 1:1 or in a small group setting. She advised many, many

classroom teachers, and fielded countless questions on best practices for helping the

3 or 4 dyslexic learners in most classrooms, but advising and developing strategies is

not the same as being the teacher in the room with a variety of learners. So the

question began plaguing Cindy, could she use her own advice if she were the teacher

in a classroom?

Honest soul searching has a way of opening doors, or finding doors to open. For

Cindy, the door opened into a small, combined third and fourth-grade classroom that

needed a co-teacher to job-share the teaching week for a semester. This type of

teaching arrangement was not new to Cindy, and the co-teacher is one with whom

Cindy shared a classroom in the past. Meetings with administration were held, Cindy

got her certification back up to date, and lesson plans were written along with a letter

to parents. Starting tomorrow, Cindy will discover the answer to her own burning

question. Her quest is to discover if is it truly possible to have a dyslexia friendly

classroom that meets the needs of mainstream learners as well as dyslexic ones?

Join Cindy for an update each month in this newsletter to see how the semester is

going, and what she is learning firsthand about creating a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom.

Smaller updates on specific techniques will appear more frequently on the Cindy Hall

Consulting FaceBook page, if you care to follow along there. As a dear veteran teacher

friend signs every email, Cindy will adopt the mantra, “Always a Learner.” You are

invited to learn along with Cindy each month.

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