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Classrooms that are Truly Ideal for All

Imagine a classroom with the typical mix of neurodiverse students, all soaking in the

same history lesson as the teacher presents.

Most students listen attentively and fill in the blanks on the notes as the teacher works

through the lesson. For some, however, filling in notes is not the most direct path to

mastering the material. For those students, notes are supplied with the blanks

already completed. Other simple options for profitably understanding today’s history

lesson enhance their learning because the options tap into their strengths.

Some stay on task by manipulating the study cards on which the lesson outline has

been written, concentrating on getting the main events into chronological order.

Others lift flaps cut into cards to reveal key words from the lesson written by syllable

so they are better able to decode and recognize the important words when they

appear later in the assigned homework. (Possible picture at bottom of this document

if you want it.)

An additional scattering of students are adding to the timeline of the chapter as the

teacher covers more events in today’s lesson.

Each student is engaged in a simple, self-directed activity designed by the teacher to

help them process the information being shared during the lesson in the way that

works best for them.

Each student is experiencing learning as an active process rather than a passive one,

resulting in a more robust understanding of the lesson’s content.

This classroom can be yours.

Let me be your guide to understanding children with dyslexia. Dyslexia Friendly

Classroom online course is six, self-paced lessons designed to take you through the

characteristics of a dyslexic learner, what the dyslexic student needs from you and

your classroom environment, strategies and techniques to help all students in your

room better process and master the information you are teaching through

understanding how learning works in the brain. The final two lessons are packed with

ideas for Teacher Created Materials you can make quickly to give the struggling

learners in your room additional repetitions in an engaging way.

Click HERE to sign up today.

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