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The Value of Wondering “Why?”

Dr. Carol Greider

Marine biologist Dr. Carol Greider is a Noble Prize winning scientist who, is also

dyslexic. Of her early schooling, Carol is quoted as saying she always thought her

spelling and letter formation were correct - until those grades came back. She tells of

finding her success in hands-on science activities and projects and being driven to find

out the “why?” of what she saw around her.

How Can That Be?

Carol’s Nobel Prize for strides in understanding cancer mutations came out of her

wondering how chromosomes stayed intact. Discoveries in her lab took her down

paths that led to more questions that her curious scientific mind wanted the answers

to. At the end of a long path driven by wondering how that could be, Carol learned

that telormese was involved in cancer.

Follow Your Interests!

Carol’s advice to other dyslexic people is to follow their interests and curiosity.

Dyslexia allowed her to piece together the information out of context and put together

difficult ideas, according to Carol’s own summation of the situation.

The Power of a Dyslexic Mind

Never dismiss or minimize the power of how the dyslexic mind can problem solve in

unique and fresh ways. Nurture your child’s curiosity and help him see the great

discoveries lie at the end of his path!

Want to read more of Dr. Greider's story? Click Here

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